‘Captain Swing and the Blacksmith’ has been launched as a special edition which includes the soundtrack CD.

What the readers say:

‘I so enjoyed the book and Sue’s tale….the writer kept me absolutely engrossed in her story and the historical detail and observation added to the realism and rawness in part.’

What a fabulous book this is – I think it has been extremely well written. There is a superb description of the horrors of the conditions in a workhouse which has brought tears to my eyes!’

 A magnificent novel that I didn’t want to put down. I read with bated breath and savoured every word and felt bereft when it ended. Now I too want to wander the plain…’

‘I loved it – towards the end I couldn’t put it down. It raised so many issues and questions, and I loved the style, with just a few colloquialisms, but not so many that the narrative got bogged down.’

‘What a brilliant book…I was mesmerised by the writing, the deep affinity with landscape and the insights into human suffering. Thank you for liberating this story, its a vitally important one and I will share it far and wide!’


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